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Tools for Cutting Pipe

These are some of the tools we use to cut pipe.


Chemical Cutter

Chemical cutters utilize a propellant to create pressure that pushes a chemical through a catalyst, typically Bromine Trifluoride. High temperature and pressure are released from the ensuing chemical reaction through the cutter's severing head, cutting the tube wall. The end result is a very clean cut that doesn't need to be dressed in order to start recovering the pipe.

Jet Cutters

When using a jet cutter, the cutting motion is created by a circular charge. Despite significant downhole pressure, jet cutters are able to cut pipe. Since they can reach depths of more than 20,000 feet, they are the perfect option for deep wells. On the cut pipe string, they often leave a flare. Before continuing with fishing activities, this flare needs to be eliminated, usually with the use of a mill.

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