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Plug & Perforating

Operators prefer plug-and-perf, utilizing plugs when it comes to multistage hydraulic fracturing. It opened the door for effective hydraulic fracturing and is dependable and adaptable.

The majority of new well completions in North America today are plug-and-perf completions using plugs, which have long been preferred by unconventional operators.

Traditional plug-and-perf completions allow for flexible stage placement and stage treatment up to the range of wireline and coiled tubing (CT).


To create a flow line between the nearby reservoir and the wellbore, perforating is used. Typically, it entails drilling a hole from the wellbore into the producing zone, passing through the casing and any cement sheath.

frac plug.jpeg

Frac Plugs

In multistage stimulation treatments, frac plugs act as check valves to provide wellbore zonal isolation. They isolate the deeper zone during stimulation, but after stimulation is complete, they permit flow from below to

help with well cleanup.

To address plug-and-perf downhole issues, frac plugs are offered in a range of sizes for both composite and dissolvable materials.

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