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Weatherford Supported Services

Below are services we offer.  Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

Open Hole Logging

Services Provided with

Weathrford Technology

* Gamma Ray 

* Spectral Gamma Ray (potassium/thorium/uranium)

* Compensated dual neutron

* Density/photo electric effect (PE)/Caliper

* Array Introduction(resistivity)

* Focused electric (shallow resistivity)

* Laterlog (salt system resistivity)

* Spontaneous potential (sp)

* Borehole Navigation (surveys in open hole only)

* Micro imager(borehole image which requires processing via (Weatherford or other)

* Micro log (mud cakes, or mud logs)

* Compensated sonic (monopole sonic)

* Dipole sonic

* Cross dipole (dipole + navigation for orientation.

* Geochemical Spectroscopy instrument (elemental or minerology)

* Formation Tester (fort worth specialty - pressure and flow rate)

* High resolution temperature

* Two arm caliper

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