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Reclamation is the combined process by which adverse environmental effects of surface mining are minimized and mined lands are returned to a beneficial end use. End uses may be open space, wildlife habitat, agriculture, or residential and commercial development.


What does reclamation mean in oil and gas?

When a well finishes producing oil or gas, on average after 20 years, the last stage of the lifecycle of a well begins. This step, known as reclamation, is the process of returning the land as close as possible to its original form and use.

Once the site has an Engineer Designed Reclamation Plan, work can begin on designing and facilitating the actual reclamation and restoration process. Well sites, roads, and other disturbed areas are restored to original contours and grade. These areas are revegetated with a native seed mix and/or native plantings. Construction services and observation are often an integral part of the reclamation process and ensure the reclamation is completed as per the design.   

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