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Packer Setting Service

The packer (more accurately described as the 'upper completion production packer') is a key piece of downhole equipment in many completions - a sealing device that isolates and contains produced fluids and pressures within the tubing string; it is a well barrier element, usually part of the well's primary well barrier, protecting the casing and creating an A-annulus. The packer is essential to the basic functioning of most wells, injectors or producers. Alternatives to using a production packer include a dynamic seal assembly, a cemented completion and a packerless completion.  

Uses of Packers

In addition to providing a seal between the tubing and casing, other aspects of a packer are:

  • Prevent downhole movement of the tubing string, generating considerable axial tension or compression loads on the tubing string.

  • Support some of the weight of the tubing where there is significant compressive load on the tubing string 

  • Allows the optimum size of well flow conduit (the tubing string) to meet the designed production or injection flow rates

  • Protect the production casing (inner casing string) from corrosion from produced fluids and high pressures

  • Can provide a means of separating multiple producing zones

  • Provided the tubing string and packer maintain integrity, well control is focussed on the tubing flow, allowing the downhole safety valve to shut-off flow from the reservoir. 

  • Hold well-servicing fluid (kill fluids, packer fluids) in the casing annulus.

  • Facilitate artificial lift, such as continuous gas lifting through the A-annulus.  


Packer Components

Packers have four key features:

  • Slip

  • Cone

  • Packing-element system

  • Body or mandrel.

The slip is a wedge-shaped device with wickers (or teeth) on its face, which penetrate and grip the casing wall when the packer is set. The cone is beveled to match the back of the slip and forms a ramp that drives the slip outward and into the casing wall when setting force is applied to the packer. Once the slips have anchored into the casing wall, additional applied setting force energizes the packing-element system and creates a seal between the packer body and the inside diameter of the casing.

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